Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hi Yall!

Man, its been almost a month since I last posted!

Tim got into Djibouti today!! I am soooo freaking relived he made it ok. We got to talk with him on Skype this morning and he looks great. You would never know that he just got in from a 40 hour trip! He says its very hot, but not humid.

This is pretty much what his trip was like.
2 hours to New York
12 hour layover in JFK
7 hour flight to Paris
13 hour layover there
and then a 6 hour flight to Djibouti!

I would need to sleep for 12 days to recover!

Court and I are doing good. I have actually been so busy that I haven't had time to sit and think about it. Thursday I had a baby shower right after work and then Friday I was off work but had 3 doctors appointments, and then I went out for dinner and drinks with some friends. My parents just came and got Court to go to a cook out so I am going to go get my hair trimmed and get a pedicure. I was supposed to go to a friends , fathers wedding reception. but she never contacted me.Then tomorrow, we have a house warming party to go to. Whew. I tell ya, it seems like I have plans in spurts!

Those of you who have FB may have seen some statues from me last week that were very sad and dark. I had a really really bad few days. lasting from Thursday to Saturday. I did not want to get out of bed and would not eat. It was the worse it had ever been, there was even a moment in the elevator that I wished it would just plummet to the ground. It was scary. It has been about 14 years since I had thoughts like that. So I went to the doc yesterday and we decided that the celexa just wasn't going to do it for me anymore. We are going to try Prozac now. It is the last generic of that category that I haven't tried. If it doesn't work we will go with Lexepro, but I hope the prozac helps cause the lexepro is a tier 3 drug and $50 a month! Prozac is $4! but if we have too, well will do the lexepro. People ask me why I would want to "put all that out there" well I was why not? its part of my life and a big part of this blog!

My breathing is been kinda "different" lately. I am having trouble exhaling completely and my chest is real tight. Now I am asmathic, so that is normal in high humidity but it just seems worse this year. so I m gonna go see my pulmonoligist soon too.

Mobility continues to worsen. We are building a nice deck and ramp out back soon. We have a corner lot so I will start using the driveway and the back door once it is built. We are starting the wheelchair process. I have to get the paperwork from my PT at Duke and then we will take that to a local Medical Equipment place and they will work out the details with my insurance on what they will and wont cover. My DME (durable medical equipment) allowance is 80%, and then the MDA will chip in up to $2000. So its a good chance I wont pay anything! woo hoo. I am hoping for a "travel" power wheelchair. They are about the size of your typical wheelchair but it has a motor as well. That way I can still use the wheels to do it manually, which I want to do as long as I can for exercise, but I have the option of the motor. and it can also be pushed. and it will fold up to fit in the car. But I don't know if that will be an option. I guess we will see.

Well that's about all I have for now!
Later gators!

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